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Module:Is rtl

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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Is rtl/doc

return {
	-- If a language is RTL, include its language code here and set it to true
	ar = true,
	arc = true,
	arz = true,
	azb = true,
	bcc = true,
	ckb = true,
	bqi = true,
	dv = true,
	fa = true,
	['fa-af'] = true,
	glk = true,
	ha = true,
	he = true,
	['kk-arab'] = true,
	['kk-cn'] = true,
	ks = true,
	['ku-arab'] = true,
	mzn = true,
	pnb = true,
	prd = true,
	ps = true,
	sd = true,
	ug = true,
	ur = true,
	ydd = true,
	yi = true,
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