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Help:Comparing to other services

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WikiTide is a service run by WikiForge which offers free MediaWiki hosting. It is overseen by WikiForge but subject to different policies.


There are several key differences between the two, for example:

  • Article paths - WikiForge wikis may opt to hide the "/wiki" from their URLs so instead of a URL like, you will only see
  • CentralAuth - WikiForge wikis may choose to keep account registered on their wiki separate from all other wikis while on WikiTide, accounts are shared across all wikis and managed globally by WikiTide Stewards.
  • CirrusSearch - Only WikiForge supports CirrusSearch. WikiTide wikis cannot take advantage of the powerful in-wiki search engine.
  • Dormancy Policy not applicable - Wikis on WikiForge are exempt from any dormancy policies and may continue online, even if inactive, as long as the maintainer of the wiki continues to pay for their wiki. In contrast, WikiTide wikis are subject to deletion after 6 months of inactivity in order to conserve space and reduce the possibilities of perpetually lingering spam.
  • MediaWiki versions offered - WikiForge wikis may remain on LTS branches if they so choose it and may migrate to newer versions whenever they wish, or they may also keep up with the latest MediaWiki version and upgrade as soon as possible. WikiTide wikis always use the latest stable version of MediaWiki and cannot choose to remain on LTS branches which means that features or extensions may be discontinued by their authors from version to version without much time to prepare for any such change.
  • SSO support - Only WikiForge wikis support an SSO being configured (such as LDAP, OpenID, SAML, etc.)
  • Tailored solutions - Clients on WikiForge may request tailored solutions including their own dedicated server(s) with advanced performance options, custom extensions, and other.
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