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Frequently asked questions


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and various other payment methods. See Help:Payment methods for further information.

How many extensions does WikiForge offer?

We offer over 300 extensions and dozens of skins. To see a list of all extensions, see Special:ManageWiki/extensions.

I want an extension but don't see it listed

Please contact us and we will evaluate the extension.

To ensure maximum safety, all extensions pass through a security review first before being installed.

Where is your wiki control panel located?

WikiForge offers the ManageWiki control panel on all wikis. To access it, simply navigate to the right sidebar and click the appropriate link under the "Administration" section or navigate directly to Special:ManageWiki.

What are the refund policies?

See Help:Refund policy for more information.

How can I contact WikiForge?

Feel free to send us a message at support at or see Help:Contact us for other methods to contact us.


Do all plans include custom domain support?

Yes! See Help:Custom domains for more information.

Do all plans include ElasticSearch support?

Yes! ElasticSearch can be enabled through ManageWiki.

I want dedicated hosting but need more specs, what do I do?

We offer customized server specs for your wiki. Please contact us and we will discuss this with you.

Wiki migrations

Can WikiForge help me with wiki migration?

Certainly. We are very well versed with wiki migrations and and offer solutions to help your wiki migrate.

For more information, contact us.

What is needed for a wiki migration?

If you elect to migrate, you will need to generate an XML database dump. For more information, see Help:Migrating to WikiForge. If you're stuck, contact us.

Can I provide WikiForge with my wiki's SQL database and have them ?

No. Due to many factors (incompatible MediaWiki/MySQL versions, extension schema, migrations needs to be done if the MediaWiki version is older, security concerns, etc.), we do not accept SQL databases and import them onto our servers.


Do you offer CheckUser/Oversight access?

Yes. Wiki contacts (the person who pays for service) may request access to the tools and may delegate usage.

All usage of the tool must be lawful and must abide by the Terms of Service. The person with CheckUser/Oversight access must also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with WikiForge pledging to never reveal the information obtained through the tool. Misuse of the tool may lead to service termination depending on the severity.

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