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Help:About WikiForge

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About WikiForge

WikiForge is a wiki host founded in March 2023 with the mission to provide high-quality wiki hosting. Wikis can be complicated beasts so we strive to simplify that and makes wikis within everyone's reach.

Come with us down memory lane as we remember milestones from WikiForge's trajectory!

Have general questions? Check out the Help center.


  • March 2023: WikiForge is soft-launched with a few initial wikis piloting the platform.
  • April 2023: WikiForge Support Desk is launched. Massive backend changes are done (including multiversion support) as the service grows.
  • May 2023: WikiForge is officially launched. ElasticSearch support is added.
  • June 2023: Following a community poll, we adopted our current logo. With multiversion support, we upgraded our wikis to MediaWiki 1.40 the day it came out.
  • July 2023: WikiForge, LLC was incorporated.
  • September 2023: WikiForge rebuilt its infrastructure from the ground up.
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